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Introduce yourself in an interview

Greetings for the interview: It goes without saying that you don’t pass by your host without saying a word. But what’s the best thing to do when you come to an interview?

Hello how are you? It’s not as insignificant you think. As is well known, first impressions matter. And the greeting shapes the first impression. One thing should know

Tips for greeting the interview

Table of contents

  • Interview Greetings: Order
  • Greeting to the interview: checklist
  • Greetings for the interview: examples
  • Greetings for the interview: show your emotions!
  • Greeting at the job interview: mistake
  • Interview Greetings: English
  • Interview Greetings: Order

Often the first few seconds of an interview decide whether the HR manager thinks the candidate is suitable.

Those who show up reluctantly or disregard the basic rules of etiquette will be less remembered.

This can ultimately mean, for example in its very close run of candidates, the acceptance or rejection of the job. Interview Greetings – Here’s how you present yourself correctly in a job interview:

Attention to the order

Most applicants introduce themselves to their interlocutors in turn.

This is usually fine. But if you want to get it right, pay attention to the order. First, the oldest person present in the room is welcomed, even if a woman is present.

Then the following applies: older people are greeted in front of young people and women in front of men. However, this etiquette advice is certainly questionable in an age of flatter hierarchies and equality.


The perfect handshake takes three to four seconds. Not forever, but don’t get carried away right away! Above all, the handshake should be firm, especially in a job interview.

Don’t just hold your hand, but squeeze it, but again not too tightly. This is especially important for women. According to studies, they benefit even more from a firm handshake than men.

It’s not that hard: stand up, keep the tension in your body, look the person you’re talking to in the eye, and shake hands. Be careful, don’t shake like a smoothie!


During handshake, introduce – with your first and last name. Like “Good morning, my name is xyz.” It would be better if I wanted to thank you again for the invitation.

“Thank you very much for the invitation.” Your interlocutor can also introduce himself with his name. Then it makes sense to repeat it again.

“Good morning Mr. Mayor, I’m happy to meet you.” And focus your attention on your interlocutor.

Don’t let your gaze wander, look up into the air or onto the other person’s shoulders. If you convey the feeling that you have already moved on again, it will do no good. It’s like a date.

Make the person you’re talking to feel like you have eyes and ears just for them.

Remember the name

If you have a specific idea of who will interview you, be sure to write down the name or names. This is how you pronounce them correctly.

This will be very well received if you correctly address everyone in attendance by their name when greeting. “Good morning Mrs. Schroder. Good morning
radiates joy
It’s best to leave your poker face at home and keep it for future payout negotiations. In the interview, you better express your happiness to be here today.

“Thanks for the invitation, I’m so happy to be here.” “I’m so happy to meet you personally.” On the contrary, you show enthusiasm and genuine interest. Great!

Sit down

The worst is over. But beware: don’t make the mistake of sitting down abruptly now. Pause for a moment and wait to be reassigned or you are verbally asked to sit down.

Anything else would be rude and evaluated as a gross mistake.

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