Why is my sciatica not going away

 Stretches are gestures and movements that you should do slowly. They cause stress on your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. That's why it's so important that you listen to your body when you stretch. To avoid injuries and maximize benefits, you should:

1st - Exercises for Sciatica

Stop attempting stretching if pain occurs;
hold each asana (non-traumatic) for 30 seconds;
mild sensation of stretch (moderate level of tension);
stretch often rather than occasionally;
Avoid intense stretching (high levels of stress).
pulling the sides of the trunk

2nd - Exercises for Sciatica

In the standing position, arms extended to the sky and hands joined, tilt the torso slightly to the right, avoiding the axial axis of the torso.
Then do the same action on the left side as well.
full back rotational stretch
lower back rotation seated stretch

My name is DR Smriti Agarwal, today we will talk about Sciatica Pain, if you want to solve this problem you need some exercises and medicine.





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3rd - Exercises for Sciatica

Sitting on a chair, cross your legs (left to right).
Place your right hand on the side of your left knee, arm straight.
First turn the head to the left, then the shoulders and the whole trunk.
Keep your back straight and your buttocks flat on the chair.
Repeat in opposite direction.
Stretching the psoas muscle in three steps
Image showing the pose stretch

4th - Exercises for Sciatica

Place the left knee on the ground and the other leg in front of you, bent at a right angle (genfection); The arms hang alongside the body or may lean on an object to maintain balance.
Straighten your back vertically, tuck your belly in, then try to oscillate your pelvis.
Finally, bend your right leg further forward, keeping your stomach pulled in; This will get your upper body moving; Sit up straight
Repeat the same stretching steps, this time keeping the right knee on the floor.
stretching the piriformis muscle
image showing piriformis stretch

5th - Exercises for Sciatica

Lie on your back and bend your right leg so that your (right) foot is flat on the floor.
Then place your left ankle on top of your right leg, at knee height.
Grasp your right leg (behind the knee) and pull lightly with both hands; Don't raise your head or back.
Initially, repeat the exercise with your left foot flat on the ground.
lower back stretch
Image shows lower back stretch

6th - Exercises for Sciatica

On the floor, lying on your back, kick your legs back and grab both your knees; Keep your feet together.
Slowly pull up so that your knees come close to your chest.
exercises to move the spine
Ab exercises are not stretching. So you should not create tension by performing them. Stop the progression of the movement as soon as it shows that it pulls slightly. You shouldn't "go too far", everything should be done without pain. For the two proposed exercises, repeat the movement consecutively (15 repetitions).

Rotation of vertebrae

Lie on your back with your legs together and bend over so that your feet are flat on the floor.
As you exhale, slowly bend your knees to the right and at the same time turn your head to the left.
While inhaling, slowly bring the knees and head back to their original position.
On the next exhale, reverse: knees bent to the left as your head turns to the right; They are then brought back to their starting position.
" dog and cat "

Inhaling slowly, round your back on all fours on the floor; The head and buttocks are lowered and the back is raised (to make a cat).
Exhale to return to normal position and continue to lower the back, but lift the head and "stick" the buttocks; The back should be slightly concave (do down dog).
alternately as follows: cat, dog, cat … according to the rhythm of your breathing; The head and pelvis should reverse the back.
health in your hands
Back health is directly related to lifestyle habits. Moving often, pushing yourself well, not lifting too heavy…it can make all the difference. Preventing low back pain also involves stretching and specific exercises, which is another aspect of prevention.

I hope that the guide I have just presented to you will help you in your efforts to improve your physical condition and the quality of your life.

Flexion stretch - from chin to chest. Gently tilt your head forward, bringing your chin toward your chest until you feel a stretch in the back of your neck.

Lateral flexion stretch - from ear to shoulder. Tilt the neck to one side as if touching the ear to the shoulder until a stretch is felt in the side of the neck. Keep your shoulders down and your back in a comfortable but healthy posture.

Retraction of the levator scapulae. Place one hand against a wall or door jamb, elbow slightly above shoulder, then turn your head in the opposite direction. Bring the chin towards the collarbone to feel the stretch in the back of the neck. It may be helpful to gently pull the head forward with the other hand to maintain the stretch for the desired duration.

When it hurts from the back to the leg, "sciatica" is usually to blame: If the sciatic nerve is pinched, injured or inflamed, typical pain occurs. Medically correct, the phenomenon is called "sciatica". Read more here about the causes, symptoms and treatment of sciatica and learn what's the best way to prevent symptoms.

What helps with sciatica pain?

The femoral muscle (musculus piriformis), lying directly under the large gluteal muscle, is often tense. «Approximately in 20 percent of people the sciatic nerve passes directly through this muscle», — explains physiotherapist Dr Smriti Agarwal. The victims should try to disperse it with the help of special wounds. He relieves the load from the sciatic nerve, says the former deputy chairman of the USA association of physiotherapists..

Meyer notes that it would be wrong to lie in bed for a long time to cure the symptoms. A moderate pace is very useful in order to relax the muscles again.

When is it sciatica?

If the pain is accompanied by numbness of the leg, inner surface of the thigh or cheek, should immediately consult a doctor. This also applies to paralysis of the muscles of the legs or sudden urinary incontinence.

«This would be an absolutely extraordinary situation, as the cause could be herniated intervertebral disc», — warns expert Andrea Moerer. A visit to the doctor is also recommended if the patient with pain has recently had a stroke, is taking cortisone drugs or suffers from osteoporosis.

Is an operation necessary?

Even if it is herniated intervertebral disc, surgical intervention is not absolutely necessary. Dr. Smriti Agarwal explains that if the prolapsed tissue recedes into the intervertebral disc space over time, the problem may disappear on its own.

Physiotherapists can support this process with the help of certain methods. According to Pribusha, treatment is always adapted to the latest test results and discussed with the treating doctor.

On the other hand, numbness or incontinence of urine in the pubic region requires immediate surgery. Otherwise, there is a risk of irreversible damage to the sciatic nerve.

What medicines help?

In the acute phase, patients can take analgesics, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), for one to two days. If symptoms are very severe, doctors may prescribe higher doses of opiates.

«However, if they are used, the diagnosis should also be made with the help of magnetic-resonance tomography (MRT) and X-ray», - advises Meier. In this way the doctor can assess the changes of the intervertebral discs and the position of the vertebrae.

What gives physiotherapy?

If symptoms of eczema occur frequently, the physiotherapist may use manual techniques to relieve tension and limited mobility. It also shows effective exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen. Well-trained muscles act like a brace that supports and stabilizes the spine.

According to Pribusha, a person's working position is also important: «If someone sits for a long period of time, breathing is extremely important. You must adapt the working place to the body, and not overturn, to prevent this».

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